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Clients & Featured Projects

Creative design studio building unique immersive experiences
for brands and institutions. Level-up your next campaign or project with emerging technology backed by decades of expertise.


The Cultureverse

To mark the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and highlight the transformative contributions of Black creators, Radical Realities was brought in to construct The Cultureverse—a dynamic metaverse experience. Far more than a digital tribute, The Cultureverse is an interactive playground complete with gamified elements, allowing visitors to collect vinyl records, tackle challenges, and compete for a grand prize. Acting as the meta-architects and builders, we've crafted a space where culture and creativity meet digital engagement. Our involvement exemplifies how we translate cultural milestones into immersive, interactive experiences.



The Messengers

A collaboration with Artist KumKum Fernando two effects were built, one for the festival grounds and one to use at home. Taking three sculptures and bringing them to life with animations you could enhance the incredible on-site sculptures that towered over 70ft tall.



With the launch of BMW Motorrad's groundbreaking CE 02 "eParkourer," we developed the immersive BMW Motorrad MetaRide. This virtual brand space offers more than test-rides—it serves as a hub for interactive activities and community engagement. Engineered for adaptability, the platform will accommodate future BMW products. Our work seamlessly merged real and virtual worlds during the CE 02's world premiere, also extending BMW’s brand protection into the metaverse. This project showcases how we transform traditional branding into future-proof, immersive experiences.

BMW Motorrad


Face-O-Matic & Eyes-O-Matic

Two highly dynamic 3D effects were created for separate campaigns both having 3 robotic arms hinged to the users head and applying make-up to the user. Hand animated these premium effects were worn all over the globe.

GUCCI Beauty

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