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Client: BMW Motorrad & Lobeco

MetaRide merges the real and virtual, launching the CE 02 "eParkourer" in an immersive, community-engaging digital parking garage.

The Cultureverse

Client: Walmart & POClab

The Cultureverse celebrates Hip Hop's 50th anniversary, blending culture and digital engagement in an interactive, gamified metaverse tribute.

Worldline Mall

Client: Worldline & Threedium

Worldline Mall aims to tap into the $2.6 trillion future eCommerce market, offering high-quality metaverse shopping experience and innovative engagement methods like virtual scavenger hunts for digital rewards.


Client: Amsterdam Dance Event & Ravel

The Synth’ Tower transforms Amsterdam's A'DAM Tower into a metaverse cultural hub for the Amsterdam Dance Event, blending music, art, and more in a reimagined venue.


Client: Unique & Ravel

Uniqueverse, the first employment agency in the metaverse, goes beyond resumes and diplomas to match you with the job that fits your unique talents and personality, offering anonymous avatar-based job exploration and interactive skill mapping.

KPN Metaverse

Client: KPN & Ravel

KPN's metaverse journey offers a time-traveling game for employees to explore the company's legacy, future visions, and current objectives, blending education with competitive play and rewards.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Hockey Fight Filter

Client: Hans Detsch

AR experience for Hans Detsch, professional Ice Hockey player. This filter outfits fans with a 3D helmet and shatters the screen when they headbutt in selfie mode, bringing the intensity of hockey fights to life.

Cruella Newspaper

Client: Disney

A newspaper style experience the puts the user within the newspaper from the film Cruella.


Client: Levis

Built to coincide with the campaign #MyLevisMyVibe this effect had over 5 Billion impressions on TikTok alone.

Landrover Defender

Client: Landrover

A digital double of the the real ramp used at an event in Paris to showcase the capabilities of the new Defender model

The Messengers

Client: Coachella Music Festival

In collaboration with the Artist Kum Kum Fernando we recreated 3 of his awesome sculptures and animated them to bring them to life alongside the 70ft high installations on site.


Client: Gucci Beauty

The second of two unique hand animated effects that applied make-up to the users face by these head mounted robot arms!

Vision Neue Klasse

Client: BMW Welt

This informative and engaging mini-game lets you drive the unreleased Neue Klasse on a journey with many stops along the way. How many tokens can you collect?!


Client: Linelight

A mini version of the VR / Mixed Reality game was built to explore using the users head to drive the light through the levels and promote the new updates.


Client: Northface

Using hand tracking the user can swap different jackets that are 3D tracking to the body in real-time!

VR (Virtual Reality)

Passage to the Past

Client: Studio VRij

Passage to the Past is a VR storytelling experience powered by AI, where players interactively control a multiplayer narrative, exploring a theater's transformation from a haven of dreams to a wartime horror.

Virtual Gravity Point

Client: ING Poland & Djinies

Virtual Gravity Point is an internal VR application for ING Poland employees, combining ING building's digital twin, Warsaw's cityscape and the company's art collection to explore the new office space and ING's mission.

VRtuoos VRtueel

Client: Introdans & Studio VRij

VRtuoos VRtueel is a multiplayer VR experience exploring modern dance through movement in VR.


Samsung promo videos

Client: Samsung Poland & VML

The project features CGI promo videos for Samsung Poland, showcasing the latest Samsung products in unique, imaginative contexts to captivate and engage viewers.

Cyberbrokers Mech Invasion

Client: Cyberbrokers

The Mech Invasion campaign placed life-sized 3D NFT mechs in various cities, showcasing the intricate 3D designs available on the blockchain, blurring the lines between virtual and real.

LIDL Holiday Campaign

Client: LIDL Romania

This festive influencer marketing push, utilized trending VFX to create a faux outdoor advertising campaign with oversized festive products, paired with influencer reactions for maximum reach.


Pole Configurator

Interactive 3D product builder embedded on the company website.

Door Configurator

Interactive 3D product builder embedded on the company website.

Nonsense Spaces

40-day Drawing Challenge
Nonsense Spaces is a 40-day drawing challenge project, where each day a new space is imagined within 30 minutes, emphasizing visual elements such as composition, color, light, and texture over functionality.

KPN Guide

Client: KPN & Ravel

KPN Guide was created as a central character leading players through the diverse timelines and narratives within the KPN Metaverse storyline.


Client: Studio VRij

Mattie is a character crafted for Studio VRij, embodying friendliness and trustworthiness to encourage sharing of concerns and to dispense advice, using AI technology.


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